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A Message From Our President

My grandfather used to say that true greatness was like a river.  The deeper it is, the less noise it makes.  It took a while for the meaning to resonate with me, but decades later I find it a perfect fit for our bank’s philosophy.  We could use all the bank ‘buzz words’ to entice you to come bank with us; honesty, integrity, character, understanding, and the list goes on and on… Now we believe in each of those qualities, but we realize talking about them is only noise, like rapids in a shallow river.  What we ask instead, is the opportunity to show you.  Come see us and test the deep waters of a personal banking relationship.  Hopefully our actions will gain your confidence and trust.  At that point in time, we would consider it a pleasure to have you become part of our family.  We want you to Come Home to Banking! 

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