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Our Most Popular Loan Options

Depending on your needs there are a number of mortgage options you might consider. While loan programs and terms vary, the most common are:

Conventional With Varying Year Terms** This is the most popular mortgage option. A conventional loan is normally still designed to be a long-term mortgage with equal monthly payments during the term of the loan. There are currently conventional loans that require as little as 5% down, although 20-25% is still commonplace. Apply Now
Adjustable Rate Mortgage (ARM)** Get a low fixed interest rate and lower monthly payments for the first 3, 5, 7, or 10 years. Best for those wanting to keep their long-term options open. Apply Now
FHA Loan** A loan guaranteed by the Federal Housing Administration and is attractive for a number of reasons, especially for the first-time home buyer. The down payment can be as little as 3.5% and that can be a gift. Apply Now
VA Loan**

Veterans Affairs (VA) is a loan program offered for Veterans and their spouses. While the terms can vary from 0-5% down payment, this loan may allow the borrower to finance 100% plus of the home's value in the loan*

*May be subject to VA funding fee.

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USDA Loan** Best for families buying in rural areas. The US Department of Agriculture encourages rural home ownership through 100% or more financing with reduced mortgage insurance premiums, and below-market mortgage rates. Apply Now
Jumbo Loans** When you need a big loan - from $548,250 to $3,000,000 - you can save with a small interest rate Apply Now
Construction Loans** When you are ready to build your dream home. These are short term loans dispersed to your builder while the home is being built. Once the home is complete, the loan can be converted into a permanent mortgage Apply Now

** Subject to credit approval.