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Identity Protection Checklist

Identity Protection Checklist

DETER identity thieves by safeguarding your information. 

  • Shred personal financial documents and paperwork. 
  • Protect your Social Security number. 
  • Don’t give out personal information on the phone, through the mail, or over the internet. 
  • Never click on links sent in unsolicited emails. 
  • Don’t use an obvious password and change your passwords frequently. 
  • Keep your personal information in a secure place. 

DETECT suspicious activity by monitoring your financial accounts & billing statements. 

Be alert to signs that require immediate attention: 

  • Bills that do not arrive as expected 
  • Unexpected credit cards or account statements 
  • Denials of credit for no apparent reason 
  • Calls or letters about purchases you did not make 
  • Charges on your financial statements that you don’t recognize