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E-statement Delivery

This free electronic statement delivery service (e-statements) sends your monthly statements to your Online Banking account in electronic-only format. You can easily sign up for free e-statements through our Online Banking site. Choose e-statement delivery today! 

  • Instant Access: With E-Statements, there is no more waiting for your statement to arrive each month. We’ll send you an email as soon as your statement is ready. 
  • Secure: Your statements are behind our secure Online Banking platform, not in your postal mailbox. 
  • Convenient: It’s quick and simple to review your online statement:  
    • You can print your statement or download it to your computer for personal records. 
    • If you have a question about your statement, you can call us about it immediately. 
    • Your statements will remain online for 18 months on our secure web site. 
    • E-Statement service is FREE! 

By enrolling in E-Statements, you will no longer receive paper statements in the mail.