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Business Services

Remote Deposit Capture:  

Businesses of all sizes have recognized the tremendous efficiencies associated with transitioning from paper-based check deposit processes to a remote deposit capture solution. With remote deposit capture, SunMark can offer the opportunity to scan and transmit images directly from your business location(s) to the bank.  

Your business is equipped with a check reader – with a front-and-back-image camera, endorser and MICR reader – and related software. By logging onto a web site, users can start the application and begin scanning and reading checks. 

Contact your lender today to see if Remote Deposit Capture is right for you!


*An account with SunMark Bank is required 

ACH Origination:  

ACH Client works by allowing you to consolidate your deposits from multiple locations, reduce the number of checks your payroll or accounts payable unit needs to write, and to automatically debit customers' accounts for monthly fees to streamline your income stream; i.e. pest control or lawn services, retainers, utility bills, etc. 

Contact your lender today to see if ACH Origination is right for you!

*An account with SunMark Bank is required 

Merchant Services:

SunMark customers receive special benefits with MAINSTREAM Merchant Services.  MAINSTREAM Merchant Services provides businesses easy to use processing solutions and includes features such as:

  • Next day funding
  • Mobile payments
  • Local customer service with 24/7 availability
  • NO Contracts

Please contact Justin English, Senior Account Executive or Matt Thornberry, VP of Sales to get your free quote today and start saving.

Justin English  770.883.0857  |  Matt Thornberry  770.542.9316  | |

Credit Card: 

Does your business need a credit card?  Apply here!